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Colin Cloud

Imagine a book, Imagine any page in your imaginary book, Imagine a single word from that imaginary page in your imaginary book.


And now imagine Colin Cloud reading your mind and telling you that precise word: the one you just plucked out of the thinnest air.


Only you don’t have to imagine it – because that is precisely what Colin Cloud does. He reads minds. He can read your mind. He reads it just like the imaginary book you just made up.


He left ITV’s Jonathan Ross speechless (surely a first!). Ant and Dec screamed in disbelief! Mind reader and spoon-bender Uri Geller described him as “one of the greatest thought readers of all time” and others say he’s the next Derren Brown – but Colin Cloud says he is more like Sherlock Holmes.


When the other boys were out playing football and hiding in the woods, Colin was predicting the score and finding their hiding places with almost psychic accuracy.


He’s the Sherlock Holmes of entertainment, if Sherlock Holmes had a flair for comedy. He’s the Holmes of hypnotists, the Great Detective of live events. Colin Cloud is the best and maybe even the wisest man you’ve ever known.


Cloud has performed for professional sceptics like Penn and Teller. He has wowed the hard-to-please Simon Cowell. He has certainly left people convinced that he does indeed have mystical skills of reading minds and influencing outcomes.


Performer, consultant, coach, comedian: the entertaining and endearing Colin Cloud is a forensic mind reader and you know you want to see him.


What’s more – he knows it too.


Colin Cloud



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